The International EOSC Workshop was a great success with many interesting presentations and discussions on the INODE system. The aim of the workshop was to provide a comprehensive overview on where INODE stands and how the consortium is getting ready for the challenges ahead. Recorded videos of short presentations from the INODE use case providers intertwined with short demos from technical teams are available in our Youtube Channel “Project INODE“. Links to the respective presentations can be found below.


* Welcome Speech and introduction to INODE by Prof. Kurt Stockinger, ZHAW, INODE Project Manager

* INODE Use Case: Astrophysics part I by Max Fabricius, MPE

* INODE Use Case: Astrophysics part II by Srividya Subramanian, MPE

* INODE Use Case: Cancer Research by Frederic Bastian, SIB

* INODE Use Case: Policy Making by Guillem Rull, SIRIS

* INODE Architecture by Georgia Koutrika, Athena

* Demos: Natural Language-to-SQL by Kate Kosten, ZHAW

* Demos: SQL-to-Natural Language by Stavroula Eleftheraki, Athena

* Demos: Data Exploration with Pipeline Operators by Aurélien Personnaz, CNRS

* Demos: Information Extraction and Database Enrichment by Ellery Smith, ZHAW; Dimitris Papadopoulos, Infili

* Demos: Knowledge Graphs for Data Access by Davide Lanti, UNIBZ