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Conference Publication

DatAgent: The Imminent Age of Intelligent Data Assistants

ATHENA, Greece
Antonis Mandamadiotis
ATHENA, Greece
Stavroula Eleftherakis
ATHENA, Greece
Apostolos Glenis
ATHENA, Greece
Dimitris Skoutas
ATHENA, Greece
Georgia Koutrika
Yannis Stavrakas
accepted in:
Proceedings of VLDB Endowment
Yet to be published
December 31, 2021
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In this demonstration, we present DatAgent, an intelligent data assistant system that allows users to ask queries in natural language, and can respond in natural language as well. Moreover, the system actively guides the user using different types of recommendations and hints, and learns from user actions. We will demonstrate different exploration scenarios that show how the system and the user engage in a human-like interaction inspired by the interaction paradigm of chatbots and virtual assistants.

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