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Conference Publication

Improving NL-to-Query Systems through Re-ranking of Semantic Hypothesis

ZHAW, Switzerland
Ursin Brunner
ZHAW, Switzerland
Kurt Stockinger
Pius von Däniken, Jan Deriu, Eneko Agirre, Mark Cieliebak
accepted in:
5th International Conference on Natural Language and Speech Processing (ICNLSP 2022), December 16 & 17, 2022
Yet to be published
November 17, 2022
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Natural Language-to-Query systems translate a natural language question into a formal query language such as SQL. Typically the translation results in a set of candidate query statements due to the ambiguity of natural language. Hence, an important aspect of NL-to-Query systems is to rank the query statements so that the most relevant query is ranked on top.

We propose a novel approach to significantly improve the query ranking and thus the accuracy of such systems. First, we use existing methods to translate the natural language question NL_in into k query statements and rank them. Then we translate each of the k query statements back into a natural language question NL_gen and use the semantic similarity between the original question NL_in and each of the k generated questions NL_gen to re-rank the output. Our experiments on two standard datasets, OTTA and Spider, show that this technique improves even strong state-of-the-art NL-to-Query systems by up to 9 percentage points. A detailed error analysis shows that our method correctly down-ranks queries with missing relations and wrong query types.

While this work is focused on NL-to-Query, our method could be applied to any other semantic parsing problems as long as a text generation method is available.

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